A legacy of Cleanroom innovation

CleanMark® labels and Lgi’s History

Since 1978, our journey has taken us from making label products to being innovative experts in print technology and material science. Along the way we found a profound chemistry in collaborative exploration with clients and vendors. Our clients see how together, today’s challenges become tomorrow’s products. So together with our partners, we develop the best in clean and sterile Cleanroom products.  By learning and working together we introduced CleanMark® labels. At Lgi, we pride ourselves on inventive Cleanroom Tape and Label solutions. Using these products you help us enhance the purity of cleanrooms worldwide.

In 1990, we introduced our line of CleanMark® labels

Just like us, you keep your cleanroom cleaner than your Mom or Dad ever thought you could.  Rely on our CleanMark® labels which we clean before packaging to reduce particle count.  Depend on our unique materials that reduce chemical outgassing.  We constantly strive to keep out contaminants that no one wants in their cleanrooms.

We package all our cleanroom products by nitrogen purging, vacuum sealing and double bagging.  With CleanMark® you can be confident only the best is introduced into your cleanroom.  We also sterilize our CleanMark® products for clients that can’t afford to risk any biological contamination in their laboratory cleanrooms.

We relentlessly and reliably solve problems for our clients.  To help our customers we have become experts in film insert molding, graphic overlays and membrane switches. We’ve even developed other complex constructions and materials to address more cleanroom needs beyond labels and tape.

CleanMark® products include:

  •  Labels and Tape
  •  EZ-Peel Cleanroom Labels
  •  Printers and Ribbons
  •  Autoclave Labels
  •  Cryogenic Labels
  •  High Temperature Labels and Tape
  •  Gamma Indicating Labels and Tape

Cleanmark® Labels

Do you share our passion for pushing boundaries? Will you take risks to discover solutions yet to be revealed? Then we invite you to join us on that adventure. With a keen focus on advanced clean and sterile labeling technology our engineering team is looking forward to working with you. We are global, but count on us as helpful neighbors. Welcome to Lgi.


Cleanroom CleanMark® Labels video