Overlays, Membrane Switches, Lenses

Lgi Overlays and Membrane Switches can withstand harsh environments such as extreme outdoor conditions. They can survive moisture, chemicals and solvents, physical abrasion and UV light. A variety of aesthetic and functional characteristics can be added including forming, embossing, doming, raised edges, various thicknesses, LED’s, UL certification in addition to other customer requested features.

Lgi Lenses reflect our customer’s aesthetic creativity, as well as meet the most rigorous dimensional and environmental requirements, such as outdoor conditions, moisture, extreme temperatures, chemicals and solvents, physical abrasion and UV light. A myriad of aesthetic features can be added using color, text and backlighting.
  • Printed Electronics
    Tactile or non­tactile membrane switches, sensors, printed circuitry and staked LEDs
  • Lenses
    Display lenses for a range of electronic device applications
  • Graphic Overlays
    Custom graphics for control panel, touch panel and membrane switch overlays
  • Decorated Lenses
    Decorated lenses of advanced materials engineered to achieve specific and light transmission requirements
  • Optical Bonding
    The bonding of two similar or dissimilar substrates to one another like plastic and glass, generally used in electronic product lenses

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