Solution Services

Over the years, we’ve come to know that perceived impossibilities become new capabilities. Much of our product line came from a relentless approach to discover solutions. Although we’re recognized as a leader in print technology, material science and component manufacturing, our real strength is our ability to challenge convention and reestablish boundaries. Why merely push the envelope when you can redesign it?
  • RFI/EMI Protection
    Shielding solutions for electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
  • Thermal Pads
    Thermal conductive heat pads for transferring heat away from electronic devices
  • Custom Gaskets
    Custom gasket solutions in a variety of materials, adhesives and thicknesses
  • Custom Assembly
    End product or subcomponent assembly, which may require unique adhesives, thermoforming or die cuts
  • Engineering and Product Design
    An in­house team of electrical, mechanical and process engineers working with chemists and graphic designers to create prototypes, models and art work
  • Consulting
    Leveraging 35 years of solution-­driven expertise to provide consultation in all phases of print technologies and material development
  • Material Development
    Engineering solutions that may require inks and materials that have yet to be created
  • Turn­-Key Print Solutions
    Designing solutions that could include installing equipment, sourcing materials and even staffing the project in the customer’s own facility

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